Where do you get motivation to achieve success?

pageMiyanda where do you get the time and where do you get the energy?


This is probably my most frequently asked question.

They say that if something is truly important to you, you will definitely find the time to do it. I am a mother of 4 and a wife, my role as a wife happened this year 2015 as I had been divorced for 8 years and so before my marriage I was a single mother with 2 young children.

One of my early childhood lessons about staying focused on achieving ones goal came from my late mother. My mother found herself divorced with 6 very young children In terms of her education all she had was a certificate in secretarial studies and so the job that was available for her was that of a typist in a typing pool with the Ministry of Agriculture.

As a civil servant her salary very low, hardly enough just to cover her transport cost to get two bus rides to work let alone look after 6 children. Mom had to be innovative in order to make extra money to feed and educate her children. She would knit jerseys and baby sets and I remember how we would wait for her to finish and deliver the baby set so that we could have the next meal. She taught me how to plait hair so from a very young age I spent a great deal of my childhood in people’s homes plaiting hair to supplement mom’s meagre salary.

Growing up I made myself a promise that if I would ever have children, I would take lessons learnt from my mother and use them to ensure that my children would live a better quality of life.

So you ask Miyanda:



I get if from knowing that I have a responsibility as a parent to give my children the best possible life that I can. My drive comes from knowing that if a single civil servant woman can raise 6 children alone then there is no excuse.

I get the energy from knowing that God has blessed me with certain gifts and talents that I must utilize.


My reasons for starting a business venture are too strong for me to give up even when I face challenges and every odd is against me.

I don’t believe if failure and the word impossible if just not in my vocabulary. I don’t believe in being I the majority, I know that if I want to create wealth for myself I must do what only 3% of the world’s population do to attain wealth and that is take risks, stay focused and keep pushing until something happens.

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