Social Media Marketing


Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and just plain uninformed online? Don’t be intimidated anymore!

MiyandaK offers private social media coaching sessions via telephone, Skype to give you the knowledge, information and resources to successfully use and understand social networking websites.

The trainings are ideal for any individual, business owner, or job seeker that needs to understand how to use social networking websites for their personal knowledge, to market a product / service or launch and manage a successful social media marketing campaign.

The benefits of getting a private social media coaching training from MiyandaK

  • Customized social media training to your needs / learning level
  • Integrates marketing tips regarding your business / industry
  • Detailed explanation of the social networking tool
  • Best Practices and How to manage easier
  • Follow Up Support for questions that arise after training

Ready to learn more about the specific training you need?

Facebook Profile / Facebook Page Coaching

LinkedIn Coaching Session

Twitter Coaching Session

Instagran Coaching

Ultimate Social Media Coaching

MiyandaK has trained countless individuals online and in-person. The common feedback she hears continually from all of them regarding the trainings is her:

  • Attention to Detail, explaining what each and every aspect of a tool means / does
  • Patience with answering questions / back tracking to clarify questions
  • Speaking at a level that is understandable to all users
  • Her hands-on approach lets them recall easier the “how to” later
  • Sharing success stories adds values and demonstrates strategies for helping them
  • Willingness to share “social media strategies” and advice during the training

These hands-on trainings are completed using the telephone, face to face or Skype depending on location.

MiyandaK Walk you through and show you step by step how to use social media networking sites and tools. MiyandaK teaches you how to optimize for ease, use, privacy and exposure to get the word out about you and your business.

Each training session is scheduled in a minimum of ONE hour. Advance payment is required and a minimum 24 hours advance notice required for cancellations once a training session has been scheduled.

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