Rising from the ashes

12378126_10208100776906146_7523006212580198962_oIf only you knew what God has placed inside of you, you would never look down upon yourself.

It does not matter that you are not educated, you don’t have a degree, you come from a poor family or you are an orphan.
Progress is life has nothing to do with your current situation it has everything to do with what you choose to do about the situation that you find yourself in.

I am an example of a girl who just refuses to limit herself, no matter how many people tell me it is not possible for as long as i know i can do it, i simply step out in faith.

After all I am Royalty, my father is a King, Jehovah God, I am the cub of the Lion of Judah therefore no matter the hunger, drought, tough times, I will not give up and eat grass, a Lion can never do that.

You claim to be a christian, you of little faith because any little uncomfortable challenge and you are ready to give up! Don’t you know that your father is the ONLY one who can cause ALL things to happen in your life.

Time to think and introspect.
Today this girl, MiyandaK born and raised in a tough environment by faith has written a book that will generate hope, by faith has achieved that which many people told me I would never achieve. Remember its not up to the naysayers, the power is in YOUR hands.

Yes for as long as God is still sitting on the throne, there will ALWAYS be hope.

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