Network Marketing

Become a Network Marketing Expert


HANDS-ON PERSONAL guidance from an expert coach or mentor is the single most important factor that separates the talkers from the doers…


What elevates the mediocre to the good and the good to the great.




  • Attract More Leads,
  • Sponsor More Prospects,
  • Develop Happy Leaders,
  • Earn Bigger Profits…
Building a network marketing business – whether as a distributor, an affiliate or as a company owner – is as tough as it is rewarding.




  1. Are you a motivated Network Marketer who would like to build a successful business?


  1. Are you a Direct Selling Professional ready to build a successful team?


  1. Ever feel like you are stuck in the whirlwind of the Direct Sales business, never seeming to get ahead?


  1. Would you like a partner in creating systems that will create real success in your Network Marketing business?


MiyandaK uses real life practical coaching and examples having been on the leader board of a South African Network Marketing Company for over 12 months, breaking the 20 year old record to earn the highest ever commission pay out. Book a session here and see how your network marketing business will grow: