Have you ever hit rock bottom in your life? Have you experienced so bad a situation whether it be a divorce, loss of a job, being so broke you can’t even pay rent, homeless, poverty, being raised by a single parent or being an orphan?
Have you or are you at a breaking point where you have given up on life?

This book will give you an understanding on how you can get up, dust yourself, pick yourself up and rise from those ashes because those ashes are not permanent. This book will show you how you can use those stumbling blocks as stepping stones to get you to the top.

How do I know its possible, I am a living testimony, I went through some extremely tough times and situations but here I am today, on TOP of the world.



If you are within Lusaka CBD and closer surrounding areas I will be delivering copies of my book Rising from the ashes on Thursday and Friday this week.
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You must buy this book, believe me money well spent.

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A recent 2016 release from the Human Resource Expert and CEO of Prosoft Human Resources, the author delivers a profound book bordering on her journey through her tough times of childhood and adulthood. Cutting across barriers, from the depressed, the demotivated to the optimistic dreamer. This book will show you that it is possible to move from an average student to become a leading influence in society, from being homeless, surviving a fire to owning your own property, from losing everything to gaining the best of life. Her effortless writing and profound story and principles will keep you reading. A book that clearly shows the power and strength of the human spirit and the extent that a determined person can go to fulfil their dream. This is a worthy investment, for everyone, whether disadvantaged by life, getting a business started or merely trying to stay afloat, Miyanda will guide you, showing you how you too can Rise from the Ashes in your life.

To find out more search for the authors online for further details.

By Professional Editor and Writer- Natasha Chitimbe