14 more weeks and 2015 comes to a close!


Can you believe there are 14 weeks left before the year 2015 ends!

How far are you with your goals?

Are you still procrastinating on making the decision to start that business?

Are you still afraid to take risks?

Are you still not sure what you want to achieve?

Sadly time waits for no one, so get up and start sprinting. Do something today that will move you closer to achieving your dreams.

If I have ever worked hard, this year 2015 has really tested my resilience, my business stamina, and my ability to handle the highest level of business pressure. 
2015 has been the toughest I have gone through in my over 12 years in business.

I have not missed the lesson; I have learnt a lot more about winning against all odds. There is no slowing down in my dictionary; I am working smarter now with innovation at the highest level.

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As tough as the year has been I must continue climbing the many mountains that lay ahead of me. I am having fun, when you do what you love it’s no longer referred to as work but a hobby that brings with it $$$$.

I will get to the top, no retreat no surrender so help me God.

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Will chat with you again!

Stay focused; DON’T take your eyes off the ball!


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